Our campers will embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to build the skills that will serve as their tool set for the future. In our camps, we work together to ignite curiosity and get excited about STEM in our everyday lives. With fun themes, new curriculum each summer and sessions for all interests, there is something for everyone. Give your child a camp experience that will unlock their potential.

How Camp Works

Our STEM Virtual Camps are half day adventures that keep children engaged, learning and having fun! Expert STEM Educators will facilitate hands-on activities, self-directed learning, STEM explorations and group discussions for children in rising grades 2-6!

Each half day of virtual camp will include:

  • 1 hour Zoom Meeting with lesson/activity, science Spotlight
  • 1 hour Daily Challenge time & Open Zoom for assistance if needed
  • 1.5 hour Zoom Meeting to present daily challenge, follow-up activities, Science Spotlight

The daily STEM challenges encourage critical thinking, creative problem solving, and child-led exploration. These challenges can be completed in under an hour and with limited parental supervision. Each day of camp will also consist of “Science Spotlights” exciting science demonstrations, experiments, or animal encounters! Camp registration comes with a kit full of materials to complete fun and hands-on STEM challenges, from engineering to making slime!

Camp Schedule


AM Theme
9:00 am – 12:30 pm

PM Theme
1:00- 4:30 pm

13 July 

Spy Camp 


20 July 

Space Out 

Escape the Lab 

27 July 


Science Magic 

3 August 

Under the Sea 

Spy Camp 

10 August 

Science Magic 

Under the Sea 

17 August 

3D printing design 

Space Out 

24 August 

Spy Camp

Camp Descriptions

Science Magic

Who loves a good magic show! Is Science magical? Or is magic just science?   Campers will explore many different magic tricks and learn the science behind them.  They can continue to explore at home with their own magic kit including all the materials for more amazing tricks. Will you share the science secrets or keep them to yourself?!

In this camp, students will:  

  • Discover how to use static electricity to move objects without touching them!
  • Explore chemistry with pH indicators and disappearing ink
  • Create a flying object using the power of magnets!
  • Perform their own “magic trick,” and be able to explain the scientific concepts behind the magic!  
3D Printing and Design: The Wonders of the Third Dimension

Have you seen a printer in action, making something cool on a piece of paper? What if that printer could make things you could hold in your hand? Things that saved the International Space Station? Things that, at this very moment, are saving someone’s life? Well, that printer exists, and in this camp you’ll learn all about it- part science, part art, and all awesome!

In The Wonders of the Third Dimension, campers will:

  • Find out what a 3D Printer is, what it does, and how it works!
  • Learn basic 3D object design, and how it’s different from regular art!
  • Master the 3D Design software 3D Slash
  • Create their own 3D Designs and print them for pick up at the Children’s Science Center
Space Out!

Get ready to go on a journey into the outer reaches of our solar system as you join us for Space Out! This camp will explore the technology we use to explore space – from rovers to rockets – and look beyond to study the sun, moon, stars, and planets!

In Space Out! campers will: 

  • Harness the power of the sun and engineer their own to engineer their own solar oven
  • Explore the stars and constellations and create their very own constellation viewer!
  • Engineer their own Mars rover to explore other planets and collect data    Meet earth animals up close to learn about alien adaptations
  • Design and launch their very own rocket! 
Spy Camp

Congratulations! You have been selected to join an elite group of super secret spies! Your knowledge and curiosity about science will help you and the ChildSci team to solve everyday mysteries with some common and not so common household items. Throughout the week, you and your fellow spy mates with join forces, and together you will learn more about how spies use science to not only solve mysteries, but learn about the world around us!

In Spy Camp, campers will:

  • Use different science disciplines like chemistry and physics to learn how to solve mysteries
  • Meet some spies throughout our history and discover their technological inventions!
  • Discover the science behind spy movie special effects
  • Build their own gadgets and learn the engineering process
  • Partake in a secret mission to figure out who snatched the missing Children’s Science Center crown! 
Under the Sea

Explore the world below the waves in Under the Sea! This week, we will dive into the sea as we learn about the various aquatic ecosystems, explore the ocean zones, marine animals, coral reefs, and more! Campers will experience different creatures of the deep through encounters with our aquatic animals living right in our lab.

In Under the Sea, campers will:

  • Dive deep into the ocean zones by experimenting with salinity and density and creating their own ocean model!
  • Sea the difference they can make to protect our oceans and all the creatures that live within it
  • Wave hello to a variety of sea creatures, while learning about their unique adaptations to the environment in which they live such as bioluminescence, the ability to glow in the dark!
  • Fish for clues for the best ways for humans to explore the underwater world by creating their own deep sea exploration vehicle.
  • Set sail for a week of experimenting, discovering and building ocean creatures and environments together! 
Escape the Lab

Complete the ultimate challenge to “Escape the Lab!”. This week, we will help the Children’s Science Center staff “escape” the lab and then use our knowledge to create our very own escape rooms at home. If you like puzzles, codes, clues, and games, this is the camp for you! 

In “Escape the Lab,” campers will:

  • Hunt for clues around the room and practice their observation skills
  • Decode secret messages and create our own codes to crack!
  • Find hidden letters written in invisible ink and write our own for our friends to find!
  • Decipher symbols and solve scientific riddles that point to the key
  • Work together as a team to bring together all the clues and codes, and problem solve to find a “way out!” 

Explore the world of robotics in Robot Mania! From building to coding, this camp will take you through all that makes a robot, a robot, while developing critical thinking skills to solve real world problems. Campers will get a chance to program a robot, create their own code, and make their own robot at home!

Campers will:

  • Explore the inner-workings of machines complex and simple that help us in our everyday lives
  • Build miniature “bristlebots” and navigate through a challenging maze
  • Discover the secret language of robots – coding! – with games and activities that explore codes of all kinds
  • Create their own simple commands for a robotic arm, and teach it to wave hello!