For Camps Staying Closed

If you’re like many camp operators right now, you’ve decided, in the face of the coronavirus and social distancing, either not to open your camp or to delay making that determination.

At Adventure Links, we’ve been offering adventure camping for 23 years, and while we have decided not to open our physical facilities this summer, we want to see kids fully engaged in fun, creative and educational activities that also keep them connected to others. That’s what parents want, too.
CampCloud Can Help!

CampCloud is an online adventure camp that will keep kids engaged, learning, interacting, and delighted all day, all summer long, with incredible online programs for kids ages 6-17, and we are offering other camp operators the opportunity to license and private label our programs to meet the needs of their families.
The families that have camped with you before and new families you bring onboard will be thrilled to know that their kids will be having a great virtual camp experience without your having to develop your own virtual camp programs from scratch.