For Employers

If you’re like most employers right now, you’re struggling with all of the personnel challenges a global pandemic can throw at you. Your people are the heart of your business, yet you may have had to furlough or lay off workers, and you’re trying to keep your current employees – many or most of whom may be working from home – as stress-free and productive as possible.

A critical challenge many employees face is getting their work done successfully while at home minding their kids. It is a juggling act to work effectively while keeping kids creatively engaged, learning and having fun this summer. Many of the summer programs your employees had planned for their kids may be closed because of the coronavirus and the need to socially distance. What to do?
CampCloud Can Help!
CampCloud is an online adventure camp that will keep kids ages 6-17 engaged, learning, interacting, and delighted all day, all summer long with incredible online programs. You can purchase any size block of CampCloud “seats” and offer them to your employees as a benefit at no cost or reduced cost.
Your employees will be thrilled to know that although they may be working from home or going to work in an essential occupation, the kids are having a productive and fun summer while their parents work.

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Company would like to request a $50 discount code to offer CampCloud to their employees.Company would like to pre-purchase at least 50 CampCloud sessions to give to employees at a 25% discount.