Welcome to CampCloudTM

“The coronavirus pandemic is either closing kids’ summer camps or creating uncertainty about their future. Parents who would normally enroll their kids in any day, residential and expedition camp programs are frantically searching for new ways to keep them active, happy, socially engaged, and challenged throughout the summer. We are proud to offer CampCloud, a revolutionary new virtual solution for parents, employers, and even other camps that will not be opening their physical facilities this summer.”

– Anna and Austin Birch, CampCloud Founders

Virtual camp, REALLY?

We get it!  At the heart of creating and testing our virtual camp model was the intention to address the burning question of screen time- especially with the final quarter of school being distance learning.  By design, the daily experience of CampCloud allows for inviting off screen activities and challenges before, during, and after the camp hours. The on screen time is intentionally positioned to be
our time to facilitate connection, build the feeling of community, and allow for campers to channel that camp feeling into their homes.  We’ve imagined all we want in a 3-dimensional world and transformed this into the 2-dimensional world we have available to us.

Who are the staff?

Behind the mission of CampCloud is to create community and collaboration.  With many science centers, experiential learning programs, and world class institutions closing their doors temporarily, the quality educators and instructors were sadly experiencing a sudden furlough.  CampCloud not only engaged our own set of talented outdoor education instructors but has had a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring together those staff top in their field and filled with creativity in engaging youth.  All staff undergo the same background check reviews as our in person programming and are expected to maintain the highest of standards in their teaching and interactions.  

Multiple siblings

We want as many family members as possible to benefit from CampCloud. After paying full tuition for your first child, all subsequent siblings camp fees will be $225, but these siblings can attend any camp session any week. In order to receive this discounted price for additional siblings, all children must be registered at the same camp purchase, with all registrations in the same cart.

For Employers

CampCloud is more than a virtual replacement for the Adventure Links physical camp, it’s also a way for employers to offer an incredible benefit to your loyal employees with kids and a way for other summer camps that are not opening their facilities this year to have a virtual camping program to offer their families under their own name.

For Camps Staying Closed

If you’re like many camp operators right now, you’ve decided, in the face of the coronavirus and social distancing, either not to open your camp or to delay making that determination. We are offering other camp operators the opportunity to license and private label our programs to meet the needs of their families. The families that have camped with you before and new families you bring onboard will be thrilled to know that their kids will be having a great virtual camp experience without your having to develop your own virtual camp programs from scratch.


Created by Adventure Links

For 23 years, American Camp Association (ACA)-accredited Adventure Links has been offering incredible summer programs for kids ages 6-15, and while the coronavirus has kept us from opening our physical facilities this year, it won’t stop us from making sure kids have a great summer. Our passionate and dedicated team has gone fully virtual with CampCloud – creative, engaging, and challenging summer programs that week-by-week will keep kids learning, intrigued, and happy all day long, all summer long.