For Families

Are you feeling disconnected from your world outside the home?

Have you finished your watch list on Netflix?

Is that DIY project not turning out the way Pinterest said it would?

Join CampCloud for a special group experience! 

CampCloud offers 90 minute challenges uniquely themed to engage your family, working with and against others in your circle of friends. Which family will build the best boat to float in water, who will engineer a successful Rube Goldberg device, and will anyone solve the mysterious map and escape?! Discover the answers to these and much more with your private live-streamed Zoom session with a skilled facilitator from CampCloud. Select from one of three options and then prepare for a summer camp experience the whole family can enjoy!

Three Unique Adventures:

Hogwarts: Year One Grab your ticket for the Hogwarts Express because we’re going to the most magical school in the world. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had many thrilling adventures during their time at Hogwarts, but what was it like for their fellow classmates? Step into the robes of the other students tackling their first year studies and discover if together you can help the golden trio stop Lord Voldemort!

Mystery Mountain You wanted to solve a local mystery but instead find yourselves wrapped up in a nefarious plan. Your family awakens inside a grim mysterious manor and must use their wit and creativity to escape. Will you work together and succeed or fail the ominous challenges laid before you?

Pirate Cove The treasure has disappeared and become legend, but you have the one clue that can change everything. Gather your pirates and board your ship for a harrowing adventure in the forgotten cove. Working together you must break into perilous caves and avoid treacherous traps to discover the lost gold. With a little luck you might just escape to dry land with a treasure all your own!


  • Twigs or styrofoam or egg-carton
  • String or twine or yarn
  • Toothpick or skewer
  • Construction paper
  • A Tupperware tote or baking dish (large surface area is better than depth)
  • Marble or ping pong or golf ball

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