On and off screen time

CampCloud’s model aims to have kids away from their computers 70% of the time, doing guided, yet independent, activities run by passionate and experienced educators, entertainers and staff in a variety of subjects sure to entertain and ignite engagement and curiosity in your children. We realize that there isn’t a shortage of activity ideas for children to consume- they’re everywhere! We’re taking it up a notch to ensure the craving for camp community accompanies the experience of high activity for campers.

A break for parents

Owing to how we’ve structured the days, your children will remain engaged without needing constant supervision. The day begins and ends with fully detailed and outlined self-led activities, and is interspersed with a balance of facilitator-guided and Zoom team involvements during. The only time we’ll close the Zoom room during the camp day is at 12:00 EST for an hour-long lunch. 


Our supply list is designed to be intuitive, adaptive, and low-maintenance. You’ll be notified of exactly what you need immediately after registering, and most of these supplies can be found right in your own home. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact items, just try to find a suitable and safe substitute. In fact, the diversity of what everyone has in their homes will encourage the collaboration of resource management between campers.

Camps to choose from 

We’ve got seven unique summer programs to offer and run multiple sessions of each throughout the summer. Each camp is uniquely themed and our hope is that campers discover a new passion or develop an existing one amid a socially connected online community. Each camp is run by a team of our seasoned facilitators, and overseen by a master-level lead instructor to ensure the highest possible quality of involvement. Full day camps start at $275 per camper for the week. You can register here.

Want to see how we run camp?

We host free demonstration sessions over Zoom to give you an idea of the everyday activities that campers enjoy at CampCloud. Demonstrations run twice a week – click ‘Add to Calendar’ for Zoom details and to reserve your spot.

We can’t wait to have you join us for some more info and a whole lot of fun!

Current demo
Paper pilots
What makes the best paper airplane? Shoot for the clouds in this classic aviation experiment and the answer may just surprise you. Join us for this short demo as we create the ultimate paper airplane!

5 pieces of paper

Notebook & pencil

Tape measure (optional)